June 1989: Coaching summer camps

Just got back from Colorado with Jenny. We had a really nice time. Everybody loved her. We babysat my little nieces Emily and Mary, and Jenny said I was spoiling Emily by indulging her every whim. I told Jenny that's the best part about being an uncle instead of a parent. It's important for everybody to have someone who gives them a little extra leeway, who listens to whatever they want to tell you, who isn't as strict with them as a parent is. My Grandmother Tarpley was that person for me, and it made my childhood happy, and it continues to make my life happy.

Wrestling camps have started. I hurt my knee against Terry Brands yesterday. It's not too bad. I'm sore and tired now.

I like summer wrestling camps for three reasons:

1) Teaching technique forces you to concentrate on doing it right, and half the time you think to yourself, "That's really not the way I've been doing it--I've got to pull the guy's head a little harder before I do the duck-under."

2) The kids are full of fire and so un-jaded about life in general. They always pretend to be tough on the outside, but a lot of them are away from home for the first time. A little bit of encouragement does so much for their psyches, and that makes me feel good. I know what it's like to be an underdog.

3) Iowa wrestlers are like rock stars to these kids. It's nice to be a rock star.

It's Sunday night. Jenny spent the weekend here. You know, I'm thinking I just might marry her.

I just got back from teaching a wrestling technique session at the camps with Joe Melchiore. I hurt my groin--just pulled it a bit. So I'm not going to wrestle live today in practice.

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