Apr 1991: Final prep for Nationals

No word from Yale business school. But I know that letter has got to be somewhere between New Haven and Iowa City. Everyone on the eastern side of the Mississippi who applied to Yale already knows their fate. There are probably a few Ohioans and Virginians and Georgians hitting the bars tonight in celebration, and probably several more hanging their heads in disgust at being forced to get their MBAs from the University of South Carolina.

My workouts this week: trying to stay below 130 and emphasize physical conditioning. I wrestled hard this week with Barry, Bruhl, Pablo, and Ehlen. My conditioning is strong but I'm not taking advantage of it as much as I should. I'm scoring well on turns, but I'm tying up and telegraphing my shots too much.

I did morning runs three days this week with Terry Brands and Barry, and also did a 4-mile city park run with Barry at a 5:50 mile pace. My calves are still a bit sore.

I got wait-listed by Yale.

I'm relieved that I didn't get flat-out rejected. I was waiting for the postman, and when he showed up I didn't see a big envelope, and I thought, "Well, crap, I'm out." And when I sat down and started reading I saw "We have reviewed" and "sorry" and that whole first line, and...I was kind of crushed.

But I'm still alive, dammit.

Another hard week of practices, hampered by slight knee injury. Still coming in at 130 or 131, which is 3 pounds too high, but I weighed out today at 125, which was not bad.

I did morning workouts every day--jumpropes/sauna or arena runs with Barry.

I went live with Martin, Barry, and Griffin this week. I'm having trouble getting shots off against Martin. I need to be more physical. I caught Griffin a couple of times on hip-intos to his back, but overall I'm relying too much on defense.

Good, solid week. This is the hardest stretch of workouts, 2-a-days, and I'm staying on schedule, but my weight is still too high.

Sauna/ropes or arena runs every morning with Barry. I'm kind of enjoying the runs, which sounds psychotic, I know, but I just get into a zone, and I love working out with him.

Hard wrestling in the afternoons. Had a good day against Martin early in the week. Scored good multi-points. I MUST score when I'm on top. That is the key with all of these guys who are better than me on their feet--Martin, Zaputil, Griffin.

I had lunch with Gable on Tuesday (salad and diet soda), talked about strategy for nationals. I'm where I need to be.

My legs feel drained from all the running this week and I'm trying to cut my fluid intake a bit, too, so I'm starting to feel it. I took a 2-hour nap earlier this afternoon--extremely tired. Had a decent workout this afternoon with Hogan.

Entering final stretch of very hard weeks. Continuing 2-a-days. May need to continue 2-a-days through Nationals simply to get my weight down.

I wrestled fair against Martin on Monday but mostly defensive, sluggish. I didn't feel like wrestling. Very tired, including muscle soreness afterwards. Top & bottom with Melchiore, then sauna.

Tuesday morning I did arena runs with the Steiners, all at 57-58 seconds--that is the fastest I have ever consistently run. It's about a quarter mile around the perimiter, so that is fast. Afternoon live vs Barry. Somewhat sluggish, got very tired and frustrated. In on some high-crotches and doubles, couldn't finish most.

Wed morning arena runs with Steiners again. Good workout, held up well. Afternoon live vs Griffin. Scored some but got beat on his defensive moves.

Thu morning I drilled crotch-lifts with Lewis, then we did sauna/ropes. Afternoon I went live vs McGinness. Won fairly easily but he gave me a good go. Got tired quickly; very winded and energy drained. Out at 123.6 (excellent).

Fri morning I did arena runs with Barry, Matt Nerem, David Ray, and Pantaleo. Afternoon I went live vs Melchiore.

I've been very sore in the mornings--muscle sore, dehydrated sore. This is in addition to my chronic bad breath, also caused by dehydration. The good news is that it hasn't been so terrible so far. I don't like to cut weight, but it will all be over in a couple of weeks, and I feel okay right now. Of course, the bad news is that I weigh 128.5 right now, having just drunk a Diet Coke. I'm 14 pounds overweight. I should be 126.5 or thereabouts.

Finals are a week from today. I'm not completely prepared, and I don't care. I will talk to my professors to see if I can delay any of them until after Nationals. I'm just not focused on classes right now. Or anything else except wrestling.

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