Jan 1991: Olympic Training Camp

I'm in Colorado Springs, at the Olympic Training Center. I found out two days ago that I was allowed to fill Randy Lewis's vacancy at the training camp here while he has knee surgery. I'm rooming with Jack Griffin. We flew in from Cedar Rapids this afternoon and got here a couple of hours ago.

I wasn't real excited about coming out, to tell the truth, most because of the short notice. Jenny wasn't real excited about it either.

Jenny and I bought a tree for Christmas, and she decorated it. Actually, Jenny decorated the whole condo. Steve Kennevan came over for dinner and said we looked so homey and married.

A few days after Christmas I wrestled in the Midwest Championships. I took fifth, after being seeded second. I lost to Hogan, 7-4, in the semifinals. He lost to Akin in the finals.

I've just been wrestling poorly latey. I honestly don't understand it. Maybe one of these days I will, but right now I don't. I'm not used to progressing slower than my peers. I'm not used to losing ground. I need to get a lot out of this camp and start getting my weight down for Nationals. I need to place at Nationals again this year to prove that last year wasn't a fluke.

I'm applying to Harvard and Yale business schools for next fall. Jenny and I already talked about it, and she seemed amenable to it. I think she thinks I won't get in anyway.

I'm still at the training camp. We just finished our first practice of the day. Every morning we have a technique/drilling session, and every afternoon a hard wrestling session.

On Saturday I went hard with Zeke Jones, the #1 man at 114.5. He beat me 22-2, then said he wanted to wrestle somebody else. (Two summers ago I was going close with him.)

After that I went with Doug Harper, the #3 guy. I beat him by a few points, mostly from crotch-lifts. He caught me on two front-headlocks and two single-legs switching off to doubles. He has a lot of power.

Yesterday I went live with Jack Griffin and got killed on quick takedown/nearfall flurries.

I'm getting kind of frustrated. This morning I just didn't feel like wrestling. Two-a-days put me in a bad mood. I can't stop myself from counting down the final practices. That's a terrible attitude. And yet...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Last night Barry, David Ray, Jack Griffin and I played cards for 3 hours.

I've called Jenny every night since I've been here. I'm looking forward to getting back home and being with her. But I'm not looking forward to spring semester and spring wrestling season. I'm just brain fried. Body fried. I'm tired of losing.

I'm still at camp. Tomorrow is my last day here, then we fly to the Virginia Duals for the NCAA team, then back to Iowa on Sunday. I've been away from home a long time.

I wrestled well today, considering the fact that I have a bad rib. My weight is still hovering around 128. This afternoon I drilled hard with Cory Baze, then went live with Rob Eiter, and Ed Woodburn. I did well against all of them. (It wasn't my idea to wrestle the 105-pounders.)

I'm in Hampton, Virginia for the Virgina Duals (NCAA teams--I'm not wrestling). It's been a nice break from Iowa, but I'm ready to be home.

We took 3rd. We lost on criteria, 19-19 to Penn State in the semis. Amazingly, they went on to beat Okie State, 21-18, in the finals.

I'm exhausted. I got pounded by Zaputil today. I did good against Bruhl yesterday, but today I only got one takedown. I'm not sure if he's stronger than me or just tougher, but I can't keep up with him anymore. He just tosses me around. It's kind of frustrating to beat somebody for three years (or at least go even), then all of a sudden just not be able to beat him.

The USA Wrestling team is traveling to Tblisi in the Soviet Union. Royce went today without a visa. What an idiot.

I have a freestyle tourney in Michigan this weekend for which I have to weigh 119. I've been up around 130 lately, so I've got some weight to drop.

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