Feb 1989: Martin beats Brands in wrestle-off

I'm wrestling better. I took 5th at the Michigan Open (freestyle) last weekend. I went 50% with Terry Brands today and Tom Brands yesterday. I'm shooting more and shooting better.

Jenny went with me to Michigan. We had a lot of fun even though it seems like everything went wrong. My car broke down 40 miles outside of Grand Rapids and we had to spend the night at a gay motel--it was the only motel open. The car problem turned out to be just a loose alternator belt, so we made it to Detroit by mid-afternoon the next day. It was terrible weather--freezing temperatures plus snow. I had to cut 4.5 pounds without a bike or sauna that night, after driving all day.

Then we had to drive home immediately after the tourney on Sunday, and the weather was even worse. Sometimes you couldn't see the lines on the road. And at some point between Michigan and Illinois the wondshield cracked from the cold. So...basically, my 280ZX got some wear and tear on it.

I'm flat broke.

I met Jenny's parents in Illinois. They seem very nice.

We beat Okie State in the dual 26-10. Most impressive were the Brands. Terry went at 118 instead of Rat Martin, and he majored Cory Baze, who is tough. Then Tom majored Kendall Cross, who is ranked #2. I think it proves that Terry deserves a wrestle-off at 118 with Martin, and that Tom has a legitimate shot at an NCAA title this year.

I'm thinking about cutting to 114.5 pounds for freestyle nationals this year. Penrith suggested it yesterday after practice. He says he thinks I'm not quite physical enough for 125.5 but that I would be a threat at 114.5.

I was doing really well against Zaputil yesterday--probably over 80%. He scored three takedowns on me. I scored probably six or seven plus some crotch-lift points.

I'm doing better now that I'm keeping my level lower and shooting more/being more aggressive. In the past I was just tying up and waiting, and that's where I was getting killed.

Plus, with my endurance, it just makes sense to push my opponent, be more aggressive, be more physical, instead of relying solely on technique.

We had an early morning practice today. We did some hard runs upstairs. It's good for me, and it doesn't seem as physically taxing as it did last year. First of all, I'm in good shape, so I never have a problem keeping up. (I only lost one sprint lap today.) Secondly, I have a clearer perspective on it this year. I know what to expect, I know I can do it, and I see it as a benefit rather than something I dread.

I'd like to wrestle one more tourney before freestyle nationals. That's eight weeks away. I'm not sure I can place at 125.5 this year. Davis and Penrith are still 15-pointing me. Calabrese beats me by 10, Glover beats me, Cross beats me, and Terry Brands will probably be there too (although I might be able to beat him in freestyle). Also, Chertow will be there.

I really think I'd have a realistic shot at 114.5, as long as the weight didn't kill me. I'll tell you, it sure would be nice to place this year and have it under my belt.

Rat Martin beat Terry Brands in two wrestle-offs at 118. He won both by a point or two...did just enough to win. Brands was the aggressor, but just couldn't get past Rat's cement hips. Brands wasn't getting enough of an angle on his shots--he was just coming straight in and getting his head stuffed. I don't think he's wrestled Martin enough to know how to avoid that. He could've tied him up and physically out-muscled him and he would've done much better.

I really wanted Brands to win, because I think he has more potential to place at NCAAs. Although Martin has been ranked in the top 8 all year, and he did what he had to do to win the wrestle-off.

In any case, that's that, and Martin will be the 118 pounder at Big 10s and NCAAs.

I wrestled with Rat Martin in practice today and I ended up throwing punches at him. He wasn't even being particularly a--holish. We were just both going hard and both probably taking a few cheap shots in the heat of battle. It's that time of the season. That's my excuse.

I went downtown tonight to the Field House. Some of the mat-aides were there, Jill, Dawn, Tracy. Also Lance Forbes, Penrith and his girlfriend Laura, Dean Happell, and Dan Levy.

Steve Martin showed up at about 1am, walked up to me and asked me if I was still pissed off about the other day. I kind of feel for the son of a bitch. I mean, he's a complete ass, he has no friends, Gable is against him (or maybe I should say he's for Terry Brands)...I don't know. No, I still hate him.

Jenny spent the night here last night. She is looking so hot lately. I don't know what it is--it's more than my imagination. I'm in love with her.

I wrestled hard today against Zaputil. I only did about 50%. He keeps tying up my f---ing head with his left arm and staying way back. I couldn't shoot on him very well.

I did even worse with Tom and Terry. I hate the fact that the Brands are pulling away from me and Zaputil is catching me. I've got to compare myself with the outside to see progress. So far this season I've placed 1st at Iowa Games, 1st at Drake Open, 4th at UNI Open, 2nd at Florida Open, and 5th at Michigan Open. I don't know--it's a constant balance between being too hard on myself and not being hard enough on myself.

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