Dec 1988: Kissing Jenny

I've got a f---ing cold. I'm sitting at home on the living room sofa wrapped in my comforter. I'm sniffling and I have chills. Maybe if I'd wear some f---ing clothes...

I wrestled with Bruhl today and only lost one takedown. I was kind of surprised, because I've been in a slump. Yesterday I got mauled by Troy Steiner. I shouldn't be getting mauled by him. Tom Brands beats him with power. Penrith kills him with--hell, whatever it is that Penrith has. He's amazing.

After getting mauled by Steiner I decided to stop tip-toeing around in my life with Jenny. Getting mauled gets you mad, and getting mad gets you thinking about changes: how to improve your wrestling, how to improve your life. There is no frustration like physical frustration, because physical frustration is emotional too. When I get frustrated, I'm the only person in the world. F--- everybody else. I need that sometimes. It gives me clarity.

I want to go out with Jenny, and life doesn't last forever, and I'm not going to keep flirting around about it with her.

Tonight I lifted weights with Jenny and told her I wanted to go out with her. I don't care if she has a boyfriend. After weights and sauna we came back here to the apartment and talked some more. I didn't kiss her, partly because I'm sick, but I'm taking her to dinner next week.

I'm wasting valuable time. In every aspect of my life. You can't stand around and daydream. The moment doesn't last forever, you know.

I took 4th at the UNI Open. I won my first two, 8-5 and 10-4 over decent guys, then lost 14-8 to Duaine Martin from UNI in the semis, got hurt, and defaulted to 4th. There was a point in the match where I thought I had him, but I tweaked something, and it gave him time to regroup, and it put me down by a few points and I couldn't get back in. I'm now 11-5 for the season.

I kissed Jenny. Finally. Not a little wimpy kiss like before. A real, solid kiss. I wanted to kiss her more. I wanted to kiss her for another hour or two. Her lips were so soft, her neck, her hair, her smell, the cold car, the heater blasting, the radio on, both of us shivering.

It was great.

Jenny broke up with her boyfriend today.

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