June 1987: I should go to Iowa

This will be quick.

Sometimes you gotta say what the f---. I've gotta go to Iowa.

Too many times in my life I haven't been given the opportunity to do something, and then I complain about it for the next however many years. I complain about not having had good coaching, or good workout partners. And I complain about being tech-falled twice in a row at freestyle nationals as a result.

Now I've got an opportunity to actually do something about it. My only excuse is that I'm a little old to be doing this at this point. The window is closing. I'm 24. I've got maybe 4 good years left to wrestle. So everyone is saying don't do it, you shouldve done it when you were 18, keep plugging away at a career instead of trying to re-live your youth.

And that's my excuse for not doing it--that the window is closing.

Isn't that a reason for doing it?

I've dreamt about doing this, and...and I should just do it.

I'm afraid of f--ing up. But I'm more afraid of not doing it.

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