Aug 1990: Masters degree

I'm in bed at our new condo. It's okay--kind of an expensive thrill. We closed the deal and moved in today. I'm frightened by how much stuff we own. Okay, how much stuff Jenny owns.

I might go wrestle at the Olympic Training Camp again for a week if I can. Then fall semester starts, then the wedding, then wrestling season.

I graduated on Friday. I now have a Masters degree in History from the University of Iowa.


I was thinking, you know, this is not like winning the Nobel Prize, but it's an accomplishment. Getting a degree from Harvard or Yale must be a great rush, like placing at Nationals or something. Just to know that you're up there with the lead pack, running with the top dogs. I don't care what anybody says, I'd put four years of work into a Harvard or Yale degree for the 30-minute thrill of getting the diploma.

I wrestled hard today for the first time in probably two weeks. I went with Kennevan. He hadn't wrestled in awhile either, so we looked like two old men. My knee felt okay, but it's just not the same. I've done something to it, and it's just not like it used to be. Hell, it's been over 3 months, and I can't even run on it.

Man, this summer was really crazy. Next summer I'd like to work several camps, maybe with Barry. For now I need to start gearing up for the Sunkist tourney. I'd like to win that this year.

Fall session has begun. I'm taking four classes, but two are electives, including Fiction Writing. I like the MBA program. The orientation was kind of fun. It's--well, you know, it's not Harvard,'ll do in a pinch.

The MGA's not ready yet. We tried to put the new engine in and the clutch pressure plate doesn't fit. Maybe by the weekend. Hopefully I'll still get in a few drives with the top down before I have to put it into storage for the winter.

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