Sep 1990: Married

Jenny and I got married today. The ceremony was at the Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado. It was short and sweet--married by a judge. Just our families are here, which is how we wanted it.

Gable's pre-season memo to the team this year is all about bringing the NCAA championship back to Iowa. We haven't won the team championship since '86. Okie State has won it twice in a row, and they'll be ranked #1. We have to take back the momentum.

Gable talked about the importance of intensity, dominating your opponent, instilling fear in your opponent.

We've got 6 returning All-Americans, including 2 champs (Tom and Terry). The NCAA meet will be in Iowa City.

There are several new freshmen in the room. Kevin Hogan and Eric Ehlen are both new 118 pounders, both from Iowa, and both have good skills: Hogan is a 2x state champ; Ehlen is a 3x. Hogan is the tougher of the two right now, but I'm impressed with Ehlen's basic skills--he always stays in good position. He just needs to develop more toughness. Hogan is a little lankier and more open in his stance, but he's also a little funkier, like Penrith, and better in scrambles.

As always, we have a schedule to adhere to but it is largely unstructured, unsupervised until the offical team practices begin in late October.

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