June 1990: Dissed by Gable

I made a couple of instructional wrestling videos with Barry. We're going to advertise them in Amateur Wrestling News and sell them via mail. They turned out pretty good, but you can tell when you watch them that my knee is still tender, as I'm favoring it.

Gable's been dissing me lately; not sure if intentionally or not.

At the wrestling banquet a few weeks ago Gable publicly acknowledged all of the freestyle Nationals placewinners--except me.

When I reminded him afterwards that I'd placed 8th at Nationals, he said he'd just forgotten because I was out of the tournament by the time he got there on the second day.

Yesterday, when I gave him my season record and comment sheet, he said, "You didn't have that good of a record, did you?" (I thought 32-8 was pretty good for a guy who was 19-12 last year and 15-20 the year before that.)

So is it a psychological move on his part to make me less complacent? Does he think I'm getting too big a head? Or does he have other things on his mind and it has nothing to do with me?

I've got a camp session to teach in 15 minutes so I've gotta run.

I bought a 1960 MGA convertible today. It's very cool. Two seater, red with tan interior. New tan canvas top. No door handles and no roll-up windows. You open the doors by reaching inside and pulling up on a lever; you can't lock the. You manually hook the windows in with the top when the weather is bad. The engine is small but has a cool little rumble. It smells like an old car. Now I have to sell my 280ZX, because I can't afford both.

Summer session is in full swing. I was admitted to the MBA program so I'm done with the History MA--just have to do a written exam and oral defense in a couple of weeks and I'll graduate in August. I'm taking three business classes this summer, and I'm falling behind. I haven't even picked up the Macroeconomics book yet.

Jenny is living with me and Hruska and his little brother Chris while we're waiting to hear from the bank about getting a loan on a condo in Coralville. I'll be happy to have a place of our own.

My knee is still tender. I'm drilling and teaching summer camps, but not going hard yet. Hopefully just one more week.

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