May 1990: One more season?

I'm going to take a 4-week break from wrestling to let my knee fully heal, or at least as much as it can. Hoegh (the trainer) says the ligament may be completely torn, in which case I can either get surgery, which takes 6 months to heal, or just put a knee brace on it and hope for the best.

So I'm opting for the latter. I'm probably only going to wrestle one more season anyway. I can't afford to sit out six months.

Steve Martin won the award at this year's wrestling banquet for highest GPA on the team: a 2.83! The best student on the wrestling team couldn't sustain a B average? How pathetic is that?

I shouldn't laugh until I get my spring grades back. I'm feeling slightly anti-intellectual anyway after attending a grad history meeting the other night.

Everyone was prattling on about Kuhnian paradigm shifts, and whether the Puritan ethos was quantifiable. I had to interrupt once to ask what "Whiggish" meant. (It has something to do with interpreting the history of science through the lens of celebratory optimism, like Carl Sagan.)

Ouch. Carl Sagan is my hero.

This may sound Whiggish, but I don't care about Kuhnian paradigms. To me that sounds like a birth control device. I just want to know who Copernicus was, who Galileo was, who Newton and Darwin and Einstein were, and if it takes more than ten minutes, stop.

Jenny got transferred from Dubuque to Iowa City, starting in two weeks. That's good news. We're looking at condos in Coralville.

Just got back from a week in Colorado with Jenny. We checked out the hotel in Estes Park where we're going to have our wedding in September. Then we drove down to Durango and spent a few days with my mom and dad and Grandmother Tarpley. We went river rafting, we went to Mesa Verde, and we took my family's cocker spaniel Daisy for car rides.

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