Oct 1990: Gearing up for Sunkist

Pretty good week of live wrestling with Griffin, Zaputil, and Martin. I went not quite 50-50 with Griffin; I am stronger but he is slicker, and I need to pressure him more.

I went about even with Zaputil; he has improved on the feet, and generally beats me on takedowns. I have the advantage on the mat, so the key is to get at least one takedown, then score on turns.

I still have trouble with Martin; sometimes I go even with him, but other times he just seems to win the scrambles.

I'm sitting outside the arena. It's getting cooler, too cool to drive my MGA in the mornings. The colors are changing. But it's kind of nice at the moment: blue sky, sun just beginning to make shadows.

My classes are going generally well, although I did crappy on a test today. After this semester I'll already have 27 of my 62 necessary credits to get an MBA. I could possibly get my MBA by June of '92.

I'm starting my push to get down to 119 for Sunkist. Three weeks away.

Another pretty good training week. I went live this week with Bruhl, Pablo Ubasa, and Hogan and did well against all; nice to have so much variety in the room.

I did better than 50% against Bruhl, but I need more shots, more movement, more pressure, more force. I pretty much dominated Pablo Ubasa, but I need to maintain intensity and movement, don't relax. I beat Hogan solidly, but I got caught on several of his singles and got snapped and turned on my single-leg shot on final go.

I'm weighing out in the mid-high 120s, which is good--staying within 8-9 pounds of Sunkist weight and feeling okay.

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