Dec 1989: Loss to Martin

I didn't place at the Northern Open last weekend at 118 (121 with weight allowance). I went 3-2. I won my first two matches, then lost in the quarter-finals to Mark Schwab from Northern Iowa, 7-3. He controlled the ties with an underhook and shot from there. It was hard to defend, and he was very strong for a 118-pounder, as strong as Purler. I won a match in consolations, then lost to Rat Martin, 4-3. I was up 2-1 in the 3rd period but he got an escape to tie, and a takedown to go up 4-2. I got an escape but but couldn't take him down.

So I lost to 2 All-Americans. Nothing to be proud of, clearly, but I didn't wrestle badly. I'm 12-3 on the season. Still a good start.

I hurt my shoulder a bit, and it's still hurting. I'm not going to wrestle at the UNI Open this weekend as a result.

I need to get a couple of papers finished anyway. I got an A- on my Scientific Revolution midterm, but I don't know where I stand in that class, which is all grad students. I feel really stupid in the discussion groups. I'm like a "Jeopardy" contestant: I can fake my way through the first round on just about any topic, but when I actually have to converse for more than 5 minutes it becomes clear that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Yesterday I weighed 136.2 before practice. I hadn't wrestled in over a week. I went about 80% against Zaputil and Kennevan. Not sure if it was because I had a few extra pounds on me, or if taking a mental break benefited me. I weighed out at 129.9, so I did lose a lot during practice. I've only got a couple of weeks to get ready for the NYAC Holiday Open, so not sure if I can get down to 119, especially with the travel.

The top guys at 114.5 right now are probably:
1. Zeke Jones
2. Ed Woodburn
3. Ed Giese
4. Jack Griffin
5. Tony Purler
6-10. Dan Vidlak/Adam Derengowski/Burke Tyree/Keith Ketchum/Doug Harper

I haven't beaten any of them yet, but I think I have a decent shot at several.

Jenny and I have decided to get married in Colorado. I prefer that to her hometown, where a wedding reception at the bowling alley is considered ritzy. ("The bowling alley IS nice," says her mom.)

I leave tomorrow for NY. I'll be at 130 for the tournament. I have no idea who will be there.

I'm in NY. I took 2nd at the NYAC tournament earlier today. I got pinned by a guy from Penn State in the finals. I was winning 2-1 and lost on a defensive fall. It was a fluke. Well, I should've not let him trap my arm when he sat back. It was a little laziness on my part. I shook his hand after the match, but I was so pissed off that I went into a service hall and screamed obscenities and kicked the big plastic garbage can into the cement wall. Let them kick me out of their f---ing hoity toity athletic club. I want to wrestle that m------ f----- again. I will tear every f---ing limb from his f---ing body.

Being in New York again was a little bit weird at first, but after a few hours I got used to it and it felt like just another day in my life, like I'd fallen asleep on the subway and dreamed about being in Iowa for two years, then woke up and continued on with my life in New York.

I think part of the reason I was so upset about losing that match was because I wanted to come back and do well here, to prove that I've gotten better.

I got back to Iowa a couple of days before Christmas, then drove to Illinois and spent Christmas with Jenny and her family. We got our engagement photos taken at JC Penney. It was very mid-America. It was nice coming home to Jennifer.

I'm wrestling at the Midwest Championships at Drake this weekend instead of Midlands. The weight is 123 and it's a bit of a cut 3 days after Christmas. I came in at 134 this morning and weighed out tonight at 127.5. Then I drank a Diet Coke and ate a pear. I'm hoping to go in at 126.5 tomorrow morning, or maybe realistically 127. Weigh-ins are tomorrow afternoon.

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