Jan 1990: Gable kicks two off team

We're having two-a-day practices this week. I'm sore. This morning we ran the arena steps (up and down, all the way around), plus seven sprint laps and two buddy carries up the steps.

I took 3rd at the Midwest Open last weekend. I lost to Mark Schwab in the semi-finals, 6-5, on a takedown at the buzzer. Very disappointing, as I had the damn match won. I had it won. But I beat Keith Ketchum from Oklahoma 5-2, 13th ranked Cale Sponsler from Iowa State 3-1, and Sean Watt from Iowa State 4-2. I need to work on a few things, and I will, but I'm a little burned out this week.

I'm 17-5 for the season.

I went live with Zaputil yesterday and went about even. He out-scored me on takedowns 4-1, but I out-scored him on near-falls 3-0.

Jenny came down and spent New Years Eve with me. Things are going well for us.

I'm home in bed. Nothing's going on. The NCAA team left for the Virginia Duals after practice today. I sprained my ankle today against Martin. It was the first time I'd wrestled him in awhile. I was doing okay, not great, and he was starting to come on. I did manage to whip him over and pin him once, which was fun.

The team's records and NCAA rankings:

118: Steve Martin (Sr, #5, 16-4-1); Zaputil (RSFr, 13-2); Tarpley (HWC, 17-5)
126: Terry Brands (So, #4, 18-3); Brad Bruhl (RSFr)
134: Tom Brands (So, #1, 21-1); Kent Streicher (Fr)
142: Troy Steiner (RSFr, #7, 18-1); Pierson (Jr, 7-1)
150: Doug Streicher (Jr, #7, 17-3); Terry Steiner (RSFr, 11-6)
158: Mark Reiland (So, #7, 15-5-1); Tom Ryan (So); Hruska (Sr)
167: Bart Chelesvig (So, #13, 16-4); Rich Catalano (Fr)
177: Pat Kelly (Fr, 11-9)
190: Brooks Simpson (Sr, #4, 19-2)
HWT: John Oostendorp (RSFr, #10, 21-1)

Four Japanese wrestlers are here visiting and training for the week, so I'm the designated host and chauffer.

The NCAA team beat Iowa State last week but lost to Oklahoma State today. We've got several guys in the middle and upper weights ranked in the top 15 but not the top 5, and we didn't match up well against Okie State.

We have a shot at winning NCAAs this year, and it would be nice to get back on top after losing three years in a row. But it's still a pretty young team--seven of the starters are freshmen or sophomores. A lot will depend on how much they can step up over the next two months.

I had a decent week but am still adjusting to wrestling in the room at under 130. Today I went live with Martin and scored about 75% in the first round, but couldn't keep up the pace. I scored with 2 firemans (1 to his back) but couldn't score with it again. Close on a lot of scrambles, but he always seemed to win them. I tired very quickly.

I had a bad day today. I weighed in at 134.7, which was way too much, then wrestled only so-so against Bruhl and Kennevan. I decided I can't make 119 this weekend for two open tournaments in Michigan (one collegiate, one freestyle). So I'll have to go 127 on Saturday and 129.5 on Sunday. Getting out-muscled didn't help my confidence.

Gable cleaned out Rick Novak's and Don Finch's lockers yesterday because Mourlam caught them drinking at Slammers (or Swingers or Batters or Hitters or whatever that bar is called). So many recruits from '86-'87 haven't panned out: Novak and Finch and Sherertz and Carpenter and Glenn and Hruska and Henneghan and Bubba Strauss.

I hope Gable keeps Novak and Finch out, but I doubt if he will. They're not really hurting anybody, I guess, but they embody a partying mindset and they haven't performed well on the mat, and that's a bad combination. I think Gable is sending a message.

You can't make everyone fit the same mold--Lewis and Alger are cases in point--but you can try to stack the deck a bit.

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