Aug 1988: Stitches from Melchiore

Summer session ended today. I stayed up all night writing and typing my final paper, and it still sucked. I was tired of that class anyway. I hate classes where everybody sits around and discusses stuff--"What do you think Emerson meant when he said such-and-such?" Who the f--- cares what we think? Is this an academic class or a f---ing therapy session? You're the professor. You tell us. Let's forego the tea-party chit-chat and get on with it.

I'm home in bed, sweating a little bit because I just biked and saunaed off 2.5 pounds over at the arena, then came home and drank some Fresca and Diet Cherry 7-Up. I have to make 125.5 by Saturday morning for the Iowa Games. It's now Wednesday night and I was 132.6 after my sweat workout. It'll be tough but not impossible.

My dad says he has a Datsun 280ZX for me. The only catch is that I have to come up with $4,000. That's a big catch. I have about, um, $100. And I have to go home to Colorado to pick it up. But I need a car.

I won the Iowa Games yesterday. There was only one other guy at 125.5, and I majored him. So...I was hoping for something a little more substaintial for my first tournament win in Iowa. But I'll take it. I'm 1-0 for the 88-89 season.

I wrestled with Jon Anderson today. I did crappy--about 10%. I was watching tapes of my matches last night. I look lousy: bad stance, reaching with the arms, taking too many chances. I need to be more physical.

I'm going home (to Colorado) on Sunday for a few days to pick up my new car. I'll get back on Thursday. School starts the following week. My class this fall is on the History of Science. I've already started on the first of 9 required books: it's called "Darwin," and it's interesting so far.

Jenny called me this morning. Just to say hi. Even though she has a boyfriend. Maybe she just wants to be friends. It would never occur to me to call a girl just to say hi, unless I wanted to go out with her. But that's just me. So read into that what you will.

We're between camps and the start of school, so nobody on the wrestling team is around this week. It's a one week break from wrestling.

I ended up at the Field House last night. It was kind of fun--lots of cute girls. I was drinking with Randy Lewis. He's funny to drink with and a great conversationalist, as long as the conversation is about him.

I went running in my new shoes today. They're nice and light--trainer/racers. They should be good for early-morning arena runs.

My goals for this fall are to place at the Sunkist Open, Northern Open, UNI Open, and Midlands; go to Great America amusement park; read all 9 of my books for class and become incredibly smart.

My goal for the spring is to place at Nationals.

I wrestled with Penrith and Jon Anderson this morning. I did so-so. I still can't score on Penrith.

I'm sitting in an all-night truck stop just over the Nebraska border from Colorado. I'm on way back back home from Durango. I got my new car. It's a cool f---ing car. It's a 1980 Datsun 280ZX 2+2. Some people like the 2-seater 280Zs, but I like the longer, sleeker shape of the 2+2s: looks more like a Jag XKE. It's burgundy, perfect paint, like-new interior, and it's a manual transmission, which is also cool.

I'm back in Iowa City. I made the drive almost straight through, sleeping for 3 or 4 hours at a rest stop near North Platte. The whole trip took about 25 hours. I had such a great, relaxing time in Colorado: waterskiing, hanging out with my family, playing with my little nieces, seeing old friends, including Betsy, my long-term, long-distance, almost-but-never-quite love interest since high school, who is living there now.

I came home to find Rat Martin's trunks piled in my bedroom and s--- all over the house. Hruska said he could stay there while I was gone, so Cement Ass has been sleeping in my bed since Monday night.

So I'm a little annoyed about that.

I went down to the Field House tonight. Some of the wrestlers were down there. I saw Linda, and we said hi but didn't hang out. I also saw Julie (the original, Priscilla Presley-like Julie), who was there with some of her friends. She looked very cute, and she gave me her new number. Hmmm. Well, I do like her. I think she's sweet. I just don't think we're a match made in heaven.

I got stitches in my chin today--about 11--from wrestling with Melchiore. He's just too f---ing good. He threw me and I landed on my chinstrap, and it sliced my chin.

The lightweights (118-126) we've got in the wrestling room this year: Barry Davis, Brad Penrith, Joe Melchiore, Tom Brands, Terry Brands, John Regan, Troy Steiner, Brad Bruhl, Chad Zaputil, Rat Martin, Ryan Sugai, Todd Yegge, and me. That's an incredible assortment of wrestling talent.

What do I want?

Sometimes it seems very, very simple: I want to be a freestyle All-American.

But that's just an immediate goal. Overall...I just want to be happy.

I just want to make something of my life, be more than just a bump on a log. I want to get off my ass and do things, learn things, experience things. I want to be a participant, not a spectator.

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