July 1988: New guy named Zaputil

I'm moved in to my new apartment. I have the place all to myself for another month, when Hruska moves in. No clutter, no crap, no dirty dishes in the sink, no wrestlers leaving plastic cups full of chewing tobacco spit on the living room cocktail table. At least for the next 30 days.

I beat Terry Brands in a 10-point freestyle match tonight, 11-2: 3 outside singles, 3 gut-wrenches and a 2-point headlock from the bottom. It was kind of funny, because he was kicking the s--- out of me the whole practice, and at the end, when I was exhausted and ready to quit, he said, "Come on, Tarpley, let's wrestle one 10-point match." So I said okay, because I didn't want to seem like a p-ssy. But of course, when I beat him he got pissed off and shouted, "Two out of three, Tarpley! Two out of three!" And I said no and left.

There's a new guy named Chad Zaputil who's working out at the camps this summer. He'll be a freshman this fall, another 118-pounder. He is good.

We had a Red Flag practice today. Summer camps are held at the old Field House instead of Carver-Hawkeye Arena, so that's where our summer practices are held. I went with Tom Brands and didn't do very well. He just seemed big, like a 134-pounder. He is wrestling very well right now. I've got to improve my power. I've got to have 2 or 3 go-to moves that almost always work.

I'm stranded at the University Hospital. I had my ear drained about a week ago, then it re-filled and got infected. So I've been here since Thursday night getting IV antibiotics.

I got out of the hospital today. I spent the day downtown reading for my class, then I walked to the library and read some more. Finally I went home, went for a run, rode the stationary bike and saunaed, then came home.

Tonight I went to the Vine (a bar). As soon as I walked in a girl started talking to me. She gave me her number. She said she wants to lift weights with me. What the f---.

I saw Jenny there, the cute girl from my class. Apparently she has a boyfriend, whom she was with. Did she mention to me earlier that she had a boyfriend? Was I not paying attention? I can be a little slow to pick up on cues, but I could've sworn we were hitting it off in class.

It's 1:45am. I just got back from working out at the arena.

This afternoon I wrestled round-robin with Niko and a new freshman from Hawaii named Ryan Sugai. I wrestled well, considering they both weigh 150.

Then I saunaed and watched some videos in the wrestling office.

At about 8pm I went downtown with my notebook to work on my final essay for class. I sat in Taco Johns and wrote. A freshman wrestler named Kyle Beaird stopped in and persuaded me to go hang out.

We played pool at the Sports Column, then we went over to the Field House. Greg Randall was there, as well as Tom Senneff, and a girl named Keila who used to be a cocktail waitress at the Power Company.

At about 12:15 I walked to the arena. I put on the plastics and rode the bike, drilled, threw the dummy and saunaed. I was tired. The Taco Johns taco salad with extra-hot sauce wasn't setting too well either.

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